7 Most Wanted Eid Al-Fitr Foods And Drinks In Indonesia

By chord food - Sunday, May 26, 2019

Indonesia has many tribes and is separated on many islands. However, as a Muslim-majority country, there are several types of food that are most served in Indonesia during Eid al-Fitr.

1. Ketupat


There is no Eid without Ketupat. Ketupat is the most wanted dish during Eid in Indonesia. Actually Ketupat is also known in other countries in Southeast Asia. In several cities in Indonesia, ketupat is not only served during Lebaran but also is a daily meal, for example as a complement to satay padang and kupat tahu. Ketupat is made from rice wrapped in young coconut conut leaves and steamed for hours.

2. Opor Ayam

opor ayam

Opor ayam or chicken Opor is a complement to ketupat. Chicken Opor can be consumed everyday as well.chicken opor is made from chicken, coconut milk, red onion, garlic, candlenut, bay leaves, galangal, lemongrass, ginger, coriander, pepper, turmeric, lime leaves, brown sugar, sugar, salt and fried onions. Sometimes they also put boiled eggs.

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3. Sambal Goreng

sambal goreng

Sambal Goreng is eaten with ketupat and opor ayam. The flavor of the sambal goreng is slightly spicy as the name suggests. Sambal goreng is made from fried potatoes, galangal, bay leaves, lemongrass, lime leaves, red chili, red onion, garlic, pecan, salt and sugar. Chicken liver and gizzard are most widely used in addition. But there are also those who add shrimp, meat or tiny meatballs. There are two kinds of sambal goreng, wet and dry.

4. Gulai


Gulai is similar with curry but lighter. Gulai is almost the same as opor, except that the flavor is sharper. Gulai is more popular outside Java than Opor. Gulai spices are almost the same as opor but are added with chili. While the main ingredients are tailored to local taste, whether choosing meat, chicken or jackfruit.

5. Cookies

kue kering

In the middle of Ramadan, mothers are busy making cookies for Eid. For those who don't want to make their own cookies, can just order or buy it. Cookies are the most tempting business during Ramadan. The most legendary cookies are Kastengel and pineapple tarts. Lately, there are always snow princess cookies. There are also cookies which are presented according to the trend at that time such as matcha cookies, fruit cookies, caterpillar cookies and so on.

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6. Drinks


ndonesian houses usually serve packaged mineral water and warm tea to entertain guests. But in the Lebaran moment they serve very diverse drinks. There are fruit ice, ice syrup and bottled drinks. People in Sumatra like canned beverage such as soft drinks and grass jelly. Whereas people in Java like drinks in smaller packages, such as apple drinks in a cup.

7. Traditional snacks

joyo roti

The diversity of Indonesia is obliged to appear in Eid to treat the nostalgic feelings of relatives or friends. There are rengginang, madu mongso from East Java, kembang goyang from Betawi, kacang tojin from West Sumatra, lepet from East Java and many more.

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