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By chord food - Monday, May 13, 2019

Lately, in every corner of Yogyakarta, various cafes can be found along with the rise of coffee lovers. Unlike the usual cafe, Gudang Kopi has photography nuances. Gudang Kopi, located on Affandi or Gejayan Street, is adjacent to one of the camera centers in Yogyakarta, Gudang Digital.

gudang kopi jogja

From the outside, the industrial impression has been seen in this cafe. When entering, we are treated to a variety of camera shots on the wall that make this cafe more photogenic. The design, which reflects young people and is instagrammable, makes this cafe comfortable for hanging out. Besides indoor and outdoor rooms, Gudang Kopi also has room for workshop activities. For Muslims, you don't need to worry if hanging out with friends approaches prayer time because Gudang Kopi also provides a prayer room on the top floor.

barista gudang kopi
6th place at Indonesia Barista Championship IBC 2019

Besides coffee, Gudang Kopi also provides a variety of menus for rice, pasta, pastry and cakes. So actually this cafe is not only suitable for drinking coffee and eating snacks but also for eating heavy foods. We can come here on an empty stomach. The taste of the food is adjusted to the Indonesian tongue. What does it mean to eat for Indonesians without rice even though now more and more people are avoiding rice?

Omurice, Rp 35.000,-

One of the foods that caught my eyes was Omurice. This omurice dish consists of chicken katsu, omelette, rice, creamy teriyaki sauce, norislaw and red cabbage which makes this dish very appetizing. This menu is suitable for people who like to eat a lot because it is served with a fairly large portion. Unfortunately, this menu has been taken by one of my blogger friends so I can't taste it. I almost took Aglio Balado but I thought I needed something with rice.

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ikan dory dabu-dabu gudang kopi
Ikan Dory Dabu Dabu, Rp 35.000,-

Luckily I got Ikan Dory Dabu Dabu. This dish consists of rice, dory fish, and dabu-dabu sambal. To be honest, the sambal dabu-dabu is what attracts me. Dory fish with soft meat is very well matched with dabu-dabu sambal. This dish is also served with lime. In my opinion, adding lime to the dish is a smart choice because it makes the food flavorful with fresh seafood. This is even more delicious when eaten with dabu-dabu sambal. Sambal dabu-dabu is a typical Manado chili sauce. It tastes like sambal matah but is fresher because there are tomatoes. Sambal dabu dabu is quite spicy for me, but I still can eat it all up.

ice photocoffee es kopi
Ice Photocoffee, Rp 20.000,-.

There  were three kinds of ice coffee signatures that were introduced to us by Gudang Kopi. The coffee I chose is Ice Photocoffee. Ice Photocoffee is coffee that is served with brown sugar, vanilla and milk. For those who don't like bitter coffee, this coffee is perfect. Brown sugar makes this coffee sweet but not too sweet.

aglio balado gudang kopi
Aglio Balado, Rp 35.000,-

Gudang Kopi opens very early, at 7 AM, so we can come here for breakfast as well. In Jogja, we don’t have enough cafe choices which opens that early. I think it should be no problem to come here alone or with a bunch of friends.  It’s a friendly place.

Es Kopi Susu

Overall this cafe is interesting to visit. In addition to the beautiful design, this cafe also offers affordable price, tasty food and coffee that is suitable for all.

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